Freya died on 23rd October 2006. A few days before, she had a severe attack of Laminitis and she had other problems related to a condition called Cushings, which is becoming common in older horses. Our vet attended at once, but she went rapidly downhill and we had to make the sad decision.

Freya was 16 hands and was born in 1981.  She was bought at a horse sale when she was three, with cuts and sores and in a very thin condition.  She went to the west of Scotland with her new owner who patiently nursed  her back to good health and she lived happily there until her owner lost her grazing and had to part with Freya and her young friend, Buckskin, a three year old.  Freya had adopted him as a foal when his own mother died , and he was devoted to her.  Their owner was desperate to find a home for them together where they would stay for the rest of their lives.  She contacted one of her friends at the P.D.S.A. and as luck would have it, he had heard of Redwing Riding School, who's policy it has always been never to sell horses.   They came in 1987 when Freya was six and Buckskin three.   Freya had a weakness in a leg, from early injuries, and had a happy retirement for eight years.  Buckskin was still her friend and she visited him frequently but she became closely attached to Red Rabba, also retired, and the pair of them had the freedom of the yard and tracks around the field for a number of years.   Freya had a very kind nature, a striking presence and she was a talented riding horse. The tune that you hear was playing on the horse transporter's cab radio when Freya and Buckskin arrived after their long journey from Malaig.     It's called, 'Amazing Grace', a fitting description of the lovely horse she was.

Freya in summer 2004 and in winter 2001

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